Santa Barbara Art Gallery – in the Funk Zone!

Come and check out Santa Barbara’s largest art gallery, the ‘Funk Factory’. A new and exciting studio/gallery with original oil paintings, watercolor pieces and stone sculpture.

Located in the heart of the Funk Zone, Santa Barbara’s famous arts district, Funk Factory showcases original artworks from resident artist L.C. Lamar.

By Dawns Light
Santa Barbara Art Gallery – Funk Factory SB “By Dawn’s Light” by L.C. Lamar – SOLD

Santa Barbara Art Gallery in the Heart of the Funk Zone!

When you meander the Funk Zone any Friday or Saturday night you’ll hear a number of live musicians pouring their songs into the streets and vibrant chatter bustling from State st. down to Gray ave. along the Funk Zone’s main strip. These past fews years have really seen incredible strides in the added charm and culture appearing in Santa Barbara’s Arts District, The Funk Zone.

It’s Latest and largest artistic addition is the quintessential ‘Funk Factory’, owned and operated by the Lamar siblings; Luke, Micah, Aaron and Elisha Lamar.

Born to accomplished artist, Howard Lamar, they grew up in the art world and spent their early years in their fathers countless studios and select Galleries throughout California and abroad. The family gallery was what made Mr. Lamar stand out so many years ago in Downtown Carmel, where he would paint in the window with his children and first wife being his primary source of inspiration. Lamar’s eldest son, Luke also began to paint in the gallery window at the age of 16 and began to sell his work alongside his father.

Two decades later the Lamars’ splash on the scene with their newest studio/gallery fusion in the heart of the funk zone. It’s the kind of thing you have to see to believe! This place has an ambiance like no other. One could only guess a family of artists could bring this kind of funky elegance together.

You can often see Luke painting late into the night or catch a glimpse of the splatter paint experiences that they offer to the general public. Truly, a must see in Santa Barbara’s Funk Zone.

Santa Barbara Art Gallery- Funk Factory SB

Located at 208 Gray Ave the Funk Factory is just 2 blocks from State Street and 2 blocks from the beach.

Santa Barbara Art Gallery – Funk Factory SB “Sea of Energy” by L.C. Lamar –
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